Dog Country Daycare and Boarding


Monday through Friday
7am - 7pm

with weekend boarding pickup
Sat & Sun: 8-10am and 5-7pm




Dog Country Daycare & Boarding
3983 Hamilton Middletown Rd
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About Us



Joe and Enzo were enjoying a rare day in the sun in late November. Enzo's father had recently moved her to the Northern side of Cincinnati. Enzo was very sad that she was seeing less of one of her best friends, Joe. While Enzo played with Joe and her other doggy friends at an area dog park, their parents got talking about how they struggle to find a great place for burning off their energy and spending time with friends. Joe's father was already an experienced dog trainer, who worked with some of Enzo and Joe's other doggy friends at the park, improving their behavior at home. Joe's father also managed another location in southern Ohio, and many of Enzo's and Joe's friends were able to enjoy their nights and weekends with him when their parents were forced to travel without them. Enzo and Joe had some other dog friends, including Bandit who struggled to find places to stay on the north side, and Joe - the best behaved of the bunch- thought his father needed to raise the bar of canine handling competency and social skills.

These conversations among these dogs and their human parents turned into the Dog Country Daycare we see today. The four humans behind Dog Country Daycare were able to pair many years of professional dog experience with passion and funding to build a trustworthy, loving, passionate home away from home for Enzo, Joe, Bandit, Batman, and all their new doggy friends right here in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. 

Joe, Enzo, Batman, and Bandit in spirit look forward to you joining them for some fun, games, and sleepovers at Dog Country Daycare! 

Joe also wants to remind his friends, if any of them are getting into trouble with their parents, or want to impress their neighbors, his father is a top-notch trainer!